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Stanley F. Ehrlich |
When watching movies that star Nicholas Cage or Jack Nicholson, there’s usually a time when the viewer wonders: “Has he lost his mind?” With that cinematic preface, let me share that my ‘lost his mind’ moment apparently occurred a few weeks ago.
S.F. Ehrlich Associates |
While we often cite the research of Dimensional, both in our newsletters and in client mailings, we don’t often provide any articles in their entirety2. In this instance, however, the words of Booth are worth repeating verbatim.
S.F. Ehrlich Associates |
Boston University is home to The New England Centenarian Study, “…the largest and most comprehensive study of centenarians and their families in the world…” The purpose of the study, to again quote the website ( is “To Discover the Secrets of a Long and Healthy Life.”