The privacy of your personal information is of utmost concern to S.F. Ehrlich Associates, Inc.  We appreciate the trust you place in us and handle your personal information with appropriate care.

  • We collect personal information in the course of our job as personal financial advisors. This information is never disclosed to nonaffiliated third parties.
  • Limited information may be shared with your custodian in order to transact business on your behalf.
  • Certain information may be discussed with your personal accountant or personal attorney if we are acting on your behalf.
  • Documents containing identifiable personal or financial information are destroyed via shredding.
  • We attempt to maintain a secure office where your records and personal information are kept. Partially due to security concerns, we do not allow clients to access personal information via a website.
  • The types of nonpublic personal information we collect vary upon the scope of services we perform on behalf of a client. The information typically includes personal financial information, information about your health that might be pertinent to the financial planning process, and information about transactions between you and third parties.
  • As permitted by law, Federal and/or state regulators may review firm records.
  • As required by law, certain information may have to be provided to governmental or investigative agencies upon request or subpoena.
  • We never provide your personally identifiable information to mailing list vendors or solicitors.
  • Personally identifiable information about you will be maintained during the time you are a client and for such time afterward as may be required by securities laws.
  • S.F. Ehrlich Associates, Inc. will never email you requesting that you confirm any of your personal information (e.g., account numbers, passwords, financial information, Social Security numbers, etc.).  Any such correspondence will be made directly by the firm’s principal, Stanley F. Ehrlich, via postal mail, fax, or telephone.  If you suspect you have received a fraudulent email from S.F. Ehrlich Associates, Inc., please contact us immediately at (908) 789-1100.

We attempt to handle your personal information with care and respect. Should you have any concerns or questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us. Your privacy, our professional ethics, and the ability to provide you with quality financial services are our highest priority.