S.F. Ehrlich Associates, Inc., is an independent, fee-only financial planning practice in Westfield, New Jersey. We are members of NAPFA, the pre-eminent fee-only financial planning association, and have also passed the approval process of Dimensional Funds, whose DFA family of funds are among the finest passively managed mutual funds in the marketplace.

As fee-only financial planners, we work only for our clients, receiving no compensation from third party vendors such as fund managers or brokerage houses. "Fee-only" means no commissions and no referral fees.  Our clients trust us to provide the very best thinking and solutions for each of their unique situations.

Our clients work hard to accumulate financial assets and we understand why people worry about protecting them.  Whether you  have specific goals, like financing college, or more general concerns of wealth management and a secure retirement, we can help.  Through a close, trusting relationship, our clients become better informed about their personal finances and more confident they are on the correct path.

Please take a few minutes to learn more about our philosophy and approach, then consider whether our financial planning model is appropriate for your needs.  We welcome an opportunity to have a conversation with you, no strings attached.